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Behind the scenes – Business Development

by fnp

What do we do th whole day? Have a look behind the scene.

Today – Business Development

As a Business Development Manager it is my job to find and evaluate new markets, find new partners and build up long lasting partnership and to optimize existing processes.

Before entering a new market it is very important to get a deep understanding of it. That’s why every project begins with market research.

After I gained a deep knowledge of the market I evaluate in cooperation with our CEOs if the possible new market is interesting for us: Which entry barriers do exist? How does the competition look like? Which logistic processes are needed? Who are important or necessary partners? Which legal guidelines have to be followed? What are the risks? Which margins can be reached?

If all the question are answered we have to decide if the new market opportunity is worth it to enter. If we decide to do so, we work out a market entry strategy in cooperation with all stakeholders.

During the realization of the strategy it is my job to communicate the next steps with the participating departments, to observe the processes and solve upcoming problems. After we enter the market I observe the performance of the new product optimize it with the help of my colleagues.

(written by Julian Räsch – Business Development Manager)

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