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Overstocks, Liquidation Goods, Surplus Goods – What is it and how F&P Stock Solution can help!

by fnp

F&P Stock Solution GmbH was founded in 2013 and had grown to one of the world’s biggest wholesalers for clothing overstocks, liquidation pallets and surplus fashion branded products. But what does overstock, liquidation goods and surplus goods mean and what role does F&P Stock Solution play in this?


Usually, clothing overstocks are generally “leftovers” of a product item, regardless of which type of item. Those are stock clothing and footwear products that have been ordered or produced in over quantity (clearing the warehouse) or goods that have not found a buyer in the shop. However, the overstock also includes customer returns that could no longer be sold. The term “overstock” often implies for many consumers that the product is of low quality, broken, or simply cheap in every way.

F&P Stock Solution exclusively buys and sells these wholesale overstocks of shoes, clothes and accessories from major and respectable manufacturers. In doing so, the buying team pays attention to the “up to date” and merchantability of the goods, the warehouse and the merchandisers take care of the quality. Many suppliers and customers have a long and trusting base with F&P Stock Solution because we value the transparency and control of our B2B wholesale sales and marketing channels to protect our customers’ image.

Liquidation Goods

Actually, the liquidation pallet products somehow belong under the topic “overstocks” but still don’t really apply the meaning. If a company has to be liquidated because it has to be closed or has to file for bankruptcy, the question usually remains: where to go with the current clothing stock?

F&P Stock Solution can, again, help by buying stock clothes and sell them as wholesale products for outlet stock. The buying and selling team specialized in B2B fashion branded clothes in Germany is fast, professional and flexible. Working together with our customers, we find the optimal solution for each site to “get rid of” liquidation stock pallets in Germany, Europe and all around the World. Through a wide and global network of fashion branded retailers, F&P Stock Solution also has the ability to export the goods without making a great stir.

Surplus Goods

The term surplus can also be understood as oversupply. Accordingly, rest is anything that has exceeded demand. These are in most cases pre-season or “old” collections that are should no longer available in official fashion retail stores. In times of abundance, the collections changing faster and faster, so that overhanging goods are a big problem.

No matter where the product comes from, F&P mainly buys and sells shoes, clothes, and accessories from well-known brands in various qualities and categories. With our large network of retailers, fashion brand manufacturers and online platforms, we are able to quickly and “quietly” export overhang goods while protecting the brand image of our suppliers. But F&P’s customers, who buy overhanging goods from us, can also rely on discretion and experience.

The entire team of F&P Stock Solution GmbH, together with the founders and managing directors Julius Göllner and Ole Schneikart, work together with each customer or supplier effectively on individual solutions, no matter whether it concerns overstock, liquidation overstock pallets, or surplus goods! 

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