Support of social projects by F&P

Social engagement, intended in financial or personal terms, is a step towards change. The founders and managing directors of F&P Stock Solution GmbH, Julius and Ole, consider themselves as privileged both as entrepreneurs and individuals. The company represents a platform that they exploit to pursue diverse goals. F&P has supported many different local and national projects in recent years. We will continue to support various projects in the coming years through financial donations and active “helping out”!

Charity Fashion Flash Falkensee

On April 14, 2018, the first Charity Fashion Flash took place in Falkensee with great success. The goal was to increase the regional visibility of F&P while doing something good for the local municipality of Falkensee. Thanks to the numerous visitors to our exclusive shopping event, which has recorded good sales numbers, we were able to donate 2,926 € to the Falkensee’s orphanage on May 16, 2018. Thanks to our financial support, the children could enjoy a few projects and leisure activities, such as a trip to the Baltic Sea.

Charity Fashion Flash Göppingen

In light of the great success of our first Charity Fashion Flash in Falkensee, we went for another round on June 29, 2018, in featuring with another shopping event with a charity’s purpose. In Göppingen we donated 25 fashion bags worth 1,500 € to the organization “SOS Kinder- und Jugendhilfe” (SOS Children’s Village). Each bag contained 1 shirt and 1 pant made of 100% cotton.

TSV Falkensee sports club

TSV is the largest sports club in Falkensee. In collaboration with various TSV departments, we have designed the Charity Fashionflash event in Falkensee.

F&P donated a set of jersey shirts to the female section of the gymnastics department in occasion of a sports competition in Sweden.

We will continue to support TSV projects in the future.

ASB Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Falkensee

As part of our Charity Fashionflash in Falkensee, we worked very closely with the ASB Falkensee, which runs the orphanage which received our donation.

We will continue to support ASB Falkensee projects in the future.

Pink Ribbon

The “Pink Ribbon” was founded in the United States in 1997 and since then has achieved a growing visibility around the globe. The pink ribbon is a symbol of solidarity between patients suffering from breast cancer and other people who are sensitive to this issue. Together, we try to raise public awareness of breast cancer screening since early detection is the best protection

We supported this organization through a donation which stemmed out from the sales of our Fashionflash events.

Workbooks For Cycling Education Of Children

F&P financed the printing of a few hundred workbooks for children’s cycling education in cooperation of the German Road Safety Organization Havelland.

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