Mission, Vision &

Our Mission, Vision & Purpose

F&P Stock Solution is ready to take on the fight against climate change by reselling textiles, shoes and accessories, which otherwise would be thrown away or destroyed.

We believe that we can inspire other ventures within our industry to follow suit and effectively reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
Sustainability is the integral part of our company, not only in terms of ecological awareness, but also by creating and maintaining fruitful and long-term relationships with suppliers, employees and customers.

As an SME we are very proud of our position as one of the leading fashion overstock wholesellers in Europe.

Our Mission

We give fashion overstocks a second lifecycle while living operational excellence and impeccable ethics towards our customers, our suppliers and our employees.

Our Vision

We want to become the largest fashion overstock wholeseller in Europe and lead the way for the industry to become more sustainable and resource aware.

Our Purpose

We believe that global trade is for everyone, not just the big corporations. We are here to build bridges between cultures, supply and demand while making the world a bit better.

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We are dedicated to tackling the difficult challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst conserving resources.

Social Engagement

F&P has supported many different local and national projects in the past and will continue to support various projects in the coming years.

Our Core Values

We believe that our company’s long-term success is deeply connected to the way we interact with each other, as well as our suppliers and customers.