Our Values

What We Live By

At F&P Stock Solution we strive to create and maintain a working environment, which not only attracts customers and suppliers, but manages to bring satisfaction to our employees as well.

We believe our 5 core values to be a guide for interacting with everyone involved: employees, customers and vendors!

Since the company’s birth in 2013 we have experienced a tremendous amount of changes, be it in terms of processes or strategies. But our core values stood the test of time and are bound to remain at the heart of this company!

Our Core Values


Always Question

Challenge anything and anyone. Agree to disagree!


100% Tolerance

Be who you are and respect others. Don’t judge!


Healthy Dedication

Own your work and be passionate about it. This is the way!


Operational Excellence

Provide the best possible service to our clients. Always.



Keep planet Earth top of mind. Do more with less!

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We are dedicated to tackling the difficult challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst conserving resources.

Our Mission, Vision & Purpose

By giving fashion overstocks a second lifecycle we lead the way to more sustainability and resource awareness within the fashion industry.

Social Engagement

F&P has supported many different local and national projects in the past and will continue to support various projects in the coming years.