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Join our F&P academy as a Trainee


What you will learn

Professional Sale Skills

• Understanding international sales
• Client Account management
• Negotiations

Business Process

• Structure in business
• Sales Proposals
• CRM Tools

Market Analysis

• Product analysis
• Competition analysis
• Identify opportunities


• Decision Making
• Responsibility
• Networking

Our requirements:

  • Advanced MS Office user, especially Excel

Your F&P Career



F&P Academy Trainee

Step 1

Local sales agent in
home country

Step 2

Be one of those who
wrote the successful story in F&P

Step 3

Previous F&P Academy Success

In 2014, in a sales convention in Ukraine we came across a team of young, ambitious, eager to learn students. Not only were they a good fit to the team, they also portrayed the necessary entrepreneurial skills and “hunger” to get out there and get the job done. They accepted our invitation and joined our team for 3 months learning our products, processes and sales approach. Upon completion they transferred this knowledge to their hometown (Kiev), where they started acquiring clients. They started with small retail stores and are now managing their own office with 2 employees having created a large network of clients, including one of the biggest players in Ukraine. Always on the lookout for new clients but also ensuring customer satisfaction for their existing network they are earning 10 times the Ukrainian average salary with their performance based job.

We are happy to receive your applications at jobs@stock-solution.de