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New Team Member Nikola Borisavljevic

A new face in the Sales - Team of F&P Stock Solution GmbH – Welcome Nikola Borisavljevic

A new face in the Sales - Team of F&P Stock Solution GmbH – Welcome Nikola Borisavljevic

Since the founding of F&P Stock Solution GmbH in 2013, the company has expanded steadily. Meanwhile, F&P is represented internationally and buys and/or sells its goods worldwide. As one of the leading wholesalers for overstock and customer returns in the textiles, shoes and accessories sectors of famous brands, F&P relies on a flexible, international team, especially in the sales team. The main sales regions in the early years were Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In recent months and also in the coming years more regions are to come to it. For example, deliveries to F&P customers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and China. However, such an expansion is only possible with an international team that is familiar with the respective sales regions and speaks the language of the potential customers. For the expansion into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the sales team, headed by Konstantine Papageorgiou, has had strong support from Nikola since mid-February.

Learn more about Nikola – Our new Sales Manager for Czech Republic and Slovakia

"I’m new in Berlin and currently live in Prenzlauer Berg, I am originally from Bratislava, Slovakia and speak English, French and Slovak. German is a bit difficult for me, but I have accepted the challenge and will hopefully get on fast with my new German course and the help of my new colleagues. I am excited about this new experience and all the team members are really nice and welcoming.

Before joining F&P, I spent several years in sales. I used to work in similar positions for the past few years within various countries in the EU. I lived and worked for a while in Mainz (Germany), but then again in Bratislava. So I'm not living in Germany for the first time.

I enjoy spending my free time in bookstores or art galleries, and often visit the Berlin Philharmonic. I'm looking forward to the time at F&P and to working with the team!"