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F&P Stock Solution - New staff in the warehouse Nils Krowka

Welcome to the F&P Stock Solution Warehouse Team - Nils Krowka

F&P is glad about the new support in the Warehouse. Since the 1rst of November 2018, Nils lend a hand with all Inbound and Outbound topics.

The stock of F&P Stock Solution – Much more than just stacking boxes!

Shoes, textiles and accessories are the main business of F&P Stock Solution. As one of the world's leading wholesaler of overstock, customer returns and liquidation goods, the F&P warehouse covers more than 6,000 square meters in the headquarter in Falkensee and every square meter is needed. Several truckloads arrive and leave the warehouse every day. A lot of work for the team around Mauro Galluccio, the Head of Logistics at F&P. However, the work in the warehouse doesn’t just consist of stacking boxes and loading and unloading trucks. Every product that received F&P is checked for quality and quantity. This means unloading the truck, unpacking the goods, looking at the goods, checking and sorting, counting and repacking the goods. The so-called inbound check is one of the daily tasks in warehouse operations. Likewise the outbound check for goods, which was sold and should be sent to the customer. Depending on the quality level of the goods, a categorization and, if necessary, packaging according to customer requirements. Every day the warehouse reaches tons of overstocks of shoes and textiles, which once pass through the storage cycle before leaving the company headquarters in Falkensee. A lot of work for the team in the warehouse and since November also for Nils.

You want to know more about Nils, our new team member at the warehouse from F&P Stock Solution!

"I’m 26 years old and come from Potsdam where I live together with my girlfriend and two beautiful cats.
In my free time, I like to cook, go to the cinema or sit relaxed in front of the console.

In 2012, I successfully finished my apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist. After half a year I wanted to gain new experiences in a new job and so I started to work at an international logistics giant. Unfortunately I didn’t like it there and so I tried relatively quickly to reorient myself and found a place as Head of the Warehouse for empties at Real.

Before starting in the warehouse at F&P have been able to gain more experience with an automotive supplier. Now I am here at F&P Stock Solution and I’m very curious about what expects me and what great people I will get to know here. "

The entire F&P team wishes Nils a really good time and everyone looks forward to working with them.