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F&P Christmas Party

Christmas time is almost here and with it the time of the obligatory yearly company christmas party. For SMEs this usually means meeting up at a restaurant for a nice and comfortable dinner.
But as the demands of employees have changed over the years, employers need to get creative in terms of team activities for the purpose of teambuilding.
A fairly new trend is the incorporation of so called Escape Games within a christmas party. F&P Stock Solution gave it a shot!

What is an Escape Game and how does it work?

An Escape Game is a game where a team of around 4-8 people is locked inside a room which it tries to escape from by means of solving riddles, finding clues and cracking codes, all within a specific time frame (usually 60 minutes).
Teamwork is key, as the rooms are designed in a way that they cannot by solved by a single person. For this reason Escape Games are considered to be a great teambuilding method. If your team is struggling to solve certain puzzles, the Game Master, who is watching the whole exercise with the help of a camera, will help you by giving you clues.

The rooms are decorated with a lot of attention detail while serving a particular a theme. In addition there is also background story which is told by the Game Master beforehand. All that makes for an entertaining and fun experience. 

The team of F&P Stock Solution enjoyed it a lot and highly recommends booking an escape game in order to spice up the next company christmas party. Lastly we present you photos of the teams that were able to solve all puzzles and made it out of the escape room in time.