About me

Sincere greetings!

My name is Alexander, I am 30 years old and I came to Berlin from Moscow 4 years ago. I graduated from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with a master’s degree in Crises Management and M&A. Despite my major, I have always been a huge fan of great (not crisis-facing) businesses. I love sales and business development, which is why I first joined Groupon and later Airbnb, where I was ultimately reassigned to Berlin.

My sales career spans more than 10 years, during which I have been working in online, travel, beauty, real estate and even industrial boilers construction industries. The last and, at the same time, most interesting project in which I was involved before joining F&P was the FIFA World Cup in Russia back in 2018.

When I don’t help great businesses to become even more prosperous on my own I work with great teams! I experience pure joy in settling effective business units whose operations are based on an Agile mindset and SCRUM methodologies.

Why F&P?

I have spent most of my career working for online B2C platforms without any real assets or for corporate and too often hulking businesses. This made me become hungry for entrepreneurial spark around me and the feeling of DOING business.

Then I have found F&P – a team of professionals I respect who not just embrace entrepreneurship by themselves every day but bring real value to entrepreneurs all over the world! Also changing the smoothie-culture of IT offices for working with a huge and seethe warehouse is fascinating to me! That’s why I decided to contribute my skill, experience and energy to this company. 

Why Berlin? 

This city has so many faces and all of them are open to new people and cultures. My Berlin is quite different from the mainstream – it is built around old buildings, beautiful parks, cycling and food! But this dimension is just one step far from the pulsing energy and world-changing innovations of this city, which I really love!