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Modern Brainstorming

Modern Brainstorming with Kreatize!

Brainstorming while watching Soccer Match, that's modern conferencing!

Monday, 4 pm, Soccer World Cup Match Brasilia vs. Mexico! Daniel, Co-Founder & CTO from Kreatize is a born mexican and thus has to watch the match, of course. Nevertheless, meeting with our companioned team from the Start-Up Kreatize in Berlin started at the dot of 16:30. We spoke about our experiences within the scope of Human Resources, IT and company policies. 

"KREATIZE® helps manufacturing companies with smart purchasing solutions. We believe in the future of the manufacturing industry in Germany and Europe, and want to help businesses in this market achieve more success and agility. KREATIZE® digitalizes the way custom parts are ordered and manufactured. Companies receive a complete offer for their request within 120 minutes. With our smart solutions we are proud supporters of the digital and agile world of manufacturing, and plan to support as many businesses as possible. Website from Kreatize"

It's very important for us, to maintain an exchange of ideas with other companies, mainly other Start-Ups. Maybe we will learn something new from them and hopefully the other way around. 

"The best way to talk about new ideas is a relaxing atmosphere without any pressure. We have the possibilities to talk all about what's coming up in our mind, to hear otherone's thoughts and opinions about important topics and issues about company policies, strategies and know-how from different kind of people." (Ole)