Nowadays, an increasing number of people, retailers, and brand-conscious customers are becoming more interested in wholesale stock clothes. There are various reasons for this trend, but the crucial factors are affordability and quality.

Wholesale stock clothes are the best solution for retailers and brand-conscious customers. Many people appreciate branded wholesale stock clothes. Individual customers regard stock clothing as an opportunity to get quality garments from well-known and world-renowned textile and fashion manufacturers at cheaper prices. Retailers also recognize the potential revenues of such a profitable business.

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You have come to the right place. F&P is one of the most prominent B2B suppliers of branded stock clothing in Europe.

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Growing demand for wholesale branded clothing

One of the reasons why people are paying attention to the wholesale brands that F&P Stock Solution offers is that they are affordable and durable. In addition, our warehouse regularly receives large collections of top European clothing brands from different countries.

The high demand for our products could be attributed to the fact that we mainly deal with top European and American brands. It’s no secret that Europe is home to some of the finest clothing brand manufacturers, which makes it a popular fashion producer, not only locally but also at the international level.

Based on their quality, our wholesale clothing items are divided into three types: A, B, and C. Type A represents the highest-quality clothing articles followed by types B and C. We use this system to ensure customer satisfaction and business integrity.

Our wholsale clothing quality system

A Quality

  • New products from previous collections
  • Original packaging

B Quality

  • Current season customer returns
  • Try-on defects

C Quality

  • Current season customer returns
  • Highly visible but repairable defects, evident signs of use

F&P Stock Solution is a German accessories and stock clothing company with headquarters in Berlin. It was founded in 2013 and has been growing at a fast pace, and now it has become one of the most prominent European companies in the area of wholesale stock clothes and overstock apparel and shoes

As a fast-growing business specialized in wholesale stock clothes and accessories, F&P has taken it upon itself to provide clothing retailers and outlets with high-quality, branded clothes from major fashion manufacturers in Europe and the US at reasonable prices.

Our warehouse in Germany contain branded clothing stock lots from globally well-known designers and manufacturers in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the United States. In addition, our market has been growing rapidly to include large parts of Eastern Europe such as Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, and Bulgaria. Furthermore, we are expanding in the Middle East and North Africa.

Your advantages with F&P Stock Solution

Cheap prices
High quality apparel
Fast order fulfillment
Trust & transparency

We at F&P realize the importance of having diverse collections of clothes. Therefore, we work closely with many clothing brands for men, women, and children. Our strategy stems from a strong belief that different styles meet different fashion tastes, which reinforces customer trust with our products. We tend to diversify our products to appeal to different customer groups across geographies, whether in Europe, Asia, or Africa. Through our long experience with stock clothes and fashion, we are able understand our target audience and their needs.

We look forward to building long-term partnerships with our special customers, and that’s why we emphasize customer satisfaction throughout the buying process. By so doing, we build mutual trust in order to maintain transparency and reinforce sustainable partnerships.

Stock Clothes Offers at F&P Stock Solution

F&P updates its wholesale stock clothes offers regularly as it receives new clothing supplies from well-known fashion brands and manufacturers in Europe and the United States. In addition, our fashion products include H&M stock clothes, Zara, Tom Tailor, Gerry Weber, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Hermes, among many others. In general, our offers are divied into the following types:

  • Wholesale stock clothes for women
  • Branded menswear at wholesale prices
  • Children stock clothes
  • Wholesale clothing accessories