Quality Assurance

How do our quality control procedures work?

All goods that pass through our warehouse are subject to thorough quality control to detect any possible defects. Our control system is structured as follows:

  1. The inbound check takes place upon the delivery of fashion stocks from our supply partners.
  2. The outbound check is a fundamental stage of the shipping process. We inspect the clothing pallets that you ordered from us a second time before they are loaded onto the transport.
  3. Apart from the two-staged quality control, our merchandisers carry out selective checks on certain stock lots upon request from our sales managers.

What happens if your shipment does not respect the assigned quality category?

In the unlikely event that both of these conditions are met:

  • your shipment contains items with any defects that do not comply with the assigned quality category (“A”, “B” or “C”)
  • there was no mention of this during the negotiations with our sales managers

we will recalculate your order’s price by either refunding you or granting you a credit for future purchases.

As one of the leading stock clothing suppliers, we adhere to tight quality standards.