Stock Categories

Stock Clothing Categories A, B, C: Characteristics & Pricing

Wholesale clothing and shoes are divided into the quality categories A, B, C based on:

product conditions (repairable/unrepairable defects)
packaging conditions (original/missing packaging)

Quality category “A”

This category includes clothing items, shoes and accessories without any defects or evident signs of use. These fashion products are still sealed in their original packaging. In fact, they are identical to the fashion apparel and footwear on sale at branded stores, high-end boutiques, retail chains and similar.

Quality category “B”

This category features products:

with slightly noticeable signs of trying on,
with minor, removable defects,
without the original packaging.

Considering that the goods showcased in retail stores are deliberately made available to be tried on by visitors, such minor defects are understandable. Customers are used to feeling the cloth’s softness between the fingertips, trying out many different overstock clothes in the dressing room and then just leaving them all over the store.

However, torn-off buttons, traces of makeup on the cloth, neglectable scratches on the shoes’ surface won’t turn off most consumers in case the respective design and size correspond to what they are looking for.

Quality category “C”

Last but not least, the “C” category consists of wholesale products with evident signs of trying on, wear, tear, repairable or unrepairable defects, which originated either during the production process or at a later stage.

The goods that are affected by more than one flaw of the “B” level also belong to this group (for instance, a polished shoe with a dirty sole and wrinkles on its upper surface).

There are no unified standards

European and North American brands, retail chains and online stores sort goods into the above-mentioned categories.

Important! Each supplier has its own standards. An overstock cloth product with the same identical flaw classified as “B” by one fashion distributor may be regarded as “C” by another vendor and vice-versa.

Denominations of our wholesale clothing lots

We label all the stock lots with custom names. One of the letters contained in these internal codes stands for the respective quality category, namely “A”, “B” or “C” (for example “Cologne B Shoes Mix”).

The quality category of overstock clothes is in some other lots is expressed as follows:

  1. Platinum -> “A” category
  2. Gold -> “B” category
  3. Silver -> “C” category

Our assortment features a few permanent lots, such as Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Manhattan, Hamburg, Dallas, Leipzig.

Price formation

Our assortment comprises wholesale fashion stocks of low, medium and high value.


The “A” overstock clothing lots are sold with a substantial discount on their original recommended retail price and may include different brands.

If a “B” or “C” lot comprises a mix of different types of wardrobe items, it’s usually priced on a kg basis.


As in the above case, the pricing of the “A” wholesale shoes lots is also based on their respective retail prices. They may consist of different brands too.

Minimum order quantity

The MOQ generally depends on the type of product offering in question.

In the case of textiles, shoes, bags and similar goods, the usual MOQ is 1 pallet (≈ 150 pairs of shoes / ≈ 250 kg of textiles).

Watches, sunglasses, etc. are normally sold starting from 100 pieces per order.