Stock Origins

Where does stock clothing come from?




Stock clothing and shoes usually originate from three main channels:

Planned overproduction of textiles

Wholesale clothing stocks may result from overproduction and unsold slots stock. Following the principle of economies of scale, it is quite common to produce entire wholesale clothing stock lots in excessive amounts to minimize unit costs. Such brand new stock clothing goods in perfect conditions bypass retailers since they are explicitly meant for the wholesale branded fashion market in Europe.

Unsold clothing inventory of retail stores

Overstock clothing can also be formed by unsold wardrobe items which accumulated at the end of the fashion season or changing collections. Such stock clothing apparel and footwear are practically new or have almost imperceptible signs of usage. The integrity of their conditions largely depends on whether they were kept in the warehouse or showcased in the retail spaces, where they are available to be tried on in the dressing rooms.

Customer returns from online shops

The third main source of stock shoes, clothes and accessories is the constantly growing volume of products that online customers return to fashion marketplaces and e-commerce businesses. Those customer returns are perfectly suitable to be resold as wholesale stock products to fashion and shoe outlets or boutiques.