The F&P Mix

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What is the F&P Mix?

Since 2013 we have invested countless hours of work to produce shoe and textile mixes consisting of the most sought-after items.

We at F&P Stock Solution are striving to see our customers succeed with their fashion retail businesses. Purchasing mixes from F&P has helped numerous businesses reach exceptional revenue numbers.

With the help of feedback from our customers we fully understand which set of items are required to make outlet stores, online shops and boutiques prosper.
Having found the ultimate formula for top-selling shoe and textile mixes, we proudly present to you the F&P Mix!


There is constant supply as we ensure our customers that we will have large quantities available on a monthly basis.


Through our extended supply network we are able to constantly source new and exciting products, making the F&P Mix truly unique.


We are putting our name on this product, because we have absolute faith in it. We want to see our clients succeed with our help.

What's inside the F&P Mix?

The F&P Mix is available in two product categories: Shoes and Textiles.

Branded pieces at
competitive prices

The F&P Mix contains an attractive set of popular European and American brands.

Wide range
of styles

This brand new offer leaves nothing to be desired as it includes wide range of styles.

Trendy items
for every season

You can not go wrong with our exquisite selection of branded shoes and textiles.

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It is no secret that in the business of overstocks there is a lack of stable and reliable supply.
Owners of outlets, boutiques and online shops are struggling to maintain an attractive inventory.

They are craving for fashion suppliers that can deliver a satisfying package on a monthly basis.
How can this problem be solved? We have great news for you: F&P has developed the magic cure to your supply difficulties!

In 2022 we have launched the new and exclusive F&P Mix, giving our customers the right set of ingredients in order to succeed with their retail businesses.
Pallets of the new and exclusive F&P Mix will be prepared monthly and in massive quantities. As it contains all the styles and brands that your customers desire, do not hesitate to contact our sales team and order this special and highly coveted offer.

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