Branded second-hand clothes and shoes from Europe

In recent years, it has become much easier for footwear outlets to find reliable suppliers of branded second hand clothes and shoes from Germany and Europe. This is partly due to the fact that wholesale used shoes suppliers recognize the importance of enabling potential customers to order European second hand shoes online with minimal effort. What makes European second hand shoes and footwear in great demand is that they have a good reputation for quality and durability. In addition, several European suppliers of used shoes offer products from top footwear brands which are known around the world such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Valentino, Adidas, Nike, to name but a few.

The demand for wholesale used shoes and clothing from Europe has been growing steadily, and there are several reasons behind it. First, wholesale used footwear represents an attractive opportunity for shoe retailers to grow their sales and profits. European second hand shoes and clothes are usually bought at cheap prices, which helps retailers and second hand shops increase their ROI. Besides, branded shoes are popular among customers all over the world. Affordable second hand shoes and clothes are a good alternative for customers with lower income who cannot afford new shoes from top footwear brands. So, it is a win-win situation for both retailers and customers at the same time.


F&P Stock Solution offers high-quality second-hand clothes from top European fashion brands.


We also offer our customers a large collection of second-hand shoes at wholesale prices. Our goal is to give used products a second life.

Suppliers of wholesale second hand clothes and shoes

If you are an owner of a footwear store and looking for a supplier of second hand shoes at wholesale prices, F&P Stock Solution is ready to help you. We are a German company based in Falkensee near Berlin. We specialize in selling branded used shoes and clothing from Europe and the United States. In addition, we are a leading company in the area of stock fashion and accessories. Our goal is to provide footwear outlet and online shops with quality used shoes from European and American brands at affordable prices. Furthermore, we care about building long-term relationships with our national and international customers by providing them with quality second hand shoes. Our integrity combined with our high-quality products gives us one of the highest rates of customer retention in Germany and Europe in the sector of fashion and European used shoes.

Our used footwear offers include second hand Adidas shoes, second hand Gucci shoes, and shoes from many other well-known brands and manufacturers. In addition, our warehouses in Germany and Bulgaria receive large quantities of used sneakers and designer second hand shoes. Our special offers include the following products:


Men’s second-hand fashion


Women’s second-hand fashion


Second-hand shoes & sneakers

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of wholesale second hand clothes and shoes?

Would you like to order branded second-hand fashion and footwear from Europe an affordable prices?

Then we have the right offer for you!

Second hand clothes from Europe

Are you a clothing retailer? Do you want to explore new opportunities to expand your fashion business? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. F&P Stock Solution offers wholesale second hand clothes from Europe at cheap prices. We offer our customer high-quality second hand clothes from the best European fashion brands. In addition, we aim to give used clothes a second life, and this is an integral part of our mission as a fashion company that stresses the importance of sustainability. We sell European second hand clothes in bulk and per kilo. Furthermore, our wholesale used clothes come from internationally well-known brands.  Our second hand fashion consists of the following offers:

  • Zara second hand clothes
  • Men’s second hand clothes
  • Women’s used apparel
  • Second hand clothes from Europe for summer and winter
  • Branded used clothes from Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, and France
  • Second hand designer clothes

Wholesale second hand clothes and shoes per kilo

F&P Stock Solution sells used clothes shoes per kilo. Our prices vary depending on the brand and quality of the shoes. However, our second hand shoe offers are characterized by being cheap and affordable.

At F&P Stock Solution, you will find designer footwear in different shapes and sizes. F&P is your reliable supplier of well-kept second hand shoes from the top designer brands. We offer high-quality second hand shoes for every season and occasion. At F&P you will find the right shoes for your customers – whether luxury shoes, vintage shoes, handmade shoes, fashion shoes or trend shoes.

Our offers of second hand shoes come from different countries in Europe such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium. German, Spanish, and Italian footwear brands are popular in different country and so are our second hand shoes. If you need more information about our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will provide with more details.

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