Alix & Buxter (SMAAK Amsterdam)

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Great quality and classic models with a twist this can be a definition of Smaak brand. Smaak was established in 2010 by André Grundmann, owner of a well-known fashion store in Amsterdam. Bags by Smaak are practical and innovative yet with a classic twist, and made of the finest leather and hardware, so you can enjoy them season after season

 Their mission is to create beautifully designed, timeless and modern handbags of high quality for every woman.

Their designs reflect the way real women live their lives; somewhere between running from one appointment to the next and seeking out quieter, undiscovered places just outside her daily busy life. Yet these women everywhere, both urban and rural, have a unique sense of style and an abiding confidence that inspires me to create something beautiful that they will enjoy for years to come. They have combined this blend of timeless local craftsmanship with a sense of Amsterdam cool to create versatile designs with understated elegance.

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