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Unser Blog informiert Dich über die Trends im Mode Großhandel, stellt unsere neuesten Mitarbeiter vor und gibt einen Blick hinter die Kulissen unserer Abteilungen!

Stuttgart A Mix

In this offer you can find multiple brands from all over Europe, some of wchich are Lacoste, Superdry, Armani, MarcoPolo and Tom Tailor, Liu-Jo and G-star. Don't lose this chance to take this offer of good quality textiles and shoes at this great price! Read More

Luxembourg A Shoes, Textiles & Accessoires Mix

This offer is great for retailers. It consists of a mix of shoes, clothes, glasses, and accessories from different European and American brands. The items of this offer are stylish, modern, and trendy products without defects. Accessories - 3,90€/kg - 1632kg House Shoes (Adults) - 5,20€/kg - 778kg Kids Shoes - 8,70€/kg - 1666kg Shoes Adults - 9,60€/kg - 3672kg Textiles - 5,80€/kg - 1891kg Total - take all: 6,90€/kg - 9640kg  //  1,99€/pcs - 33.394kg Read More