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Unser Blog informiert Dich über die Trends im Mode Großhandel, stellt unsere neuesten Mitarbeiter vor und gibt einen Blick hinter die Kulissen unserer Abteilungen!

F&P Mix Textiles

Good quality branded textiles, that is something our clients are always looking for. We know it’s not easy to find a good offer with a competitive price. We made it possible: The F&P MIX Textiles! It’s our original product based on many years of experience in the overstock market. This mix contains a huge amount of highly demanded brands and styles that your clients won't stop asking about. Inside you will find A,B and C quality textiles from well-known European and American brands. Through our extended network of suppliers , we can constantly deliver best value for this product. We are putting our name on this product because we believe our clients can succeed with it. Having found the ultimate formula for top-selling textile mixes, we proudly present to you the F&P Mix Textiles! Read More

LA Home

Our home offer is here! This offer includes various items from the Home goods category, from textiles to accessories, such as candles and decorations, and kitchen utensils that you will find perfect for any home decor lovers! Read More

European Second Hand Gold Clothes

Second hand clothing trade is a thriving and rewarding business. Especially for products of well-known clothes from European brands. Getting good quality second hand clothing for a cheap price is a great opportunity to increase ROI in your business. It’s important to say that branded second hand clothes are really favored by customers all over the world. It’s a great alternative for those clients who can’t afford new branded clothes but also for those who do not want to buy new clothes for the sake of the environment. Second-hand clothes from countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Italy and others are famous for their quality and durability. That’s why it is the best choice for second-hand boutiques and shops. If you are one of retailers looking for a reliable supplier and distributor of wholesale second-hand clothes - you are in the right place! Read More

Topshop & Miss Selfridge A Textiles

British fashion for young women - includes textiles and winter accessoires. This offer includes top quality clothing articles and accessories from well-known British fashion brands, namely Topshop and Miss Selfridge. These brands are famous for their modern designs, innovative styles, and unbeatable quality. Our offer consists of fashionable and trendy womenswear such as jackets, trousers, sweaters at wholesale prices. Read More

Luxembourg A Shoes, Textiles & Accessoires Mix

This offer is great for retailers. It consists of a mix of shoes, clothes, glasses, and accessories from different European and American brands. The items of this offer are stylish, modern, and trendy products without defects. Accessories - 3,90€/kg - 1632kg House Shoes (Adults) - 5,20€/kg - 778kg Kids Shoes - 8,70€/kg - 1666kg Shoes Adults - 9,60€/kg - 3672kg Textiles - 5,80€/kg - 1891kg Total - take all: 6,90€/kg - 9640kg  //  1,99€/pcs - 33.394kg Read More

C&A A Textiles

Entdecke Nachhaltigkeit - ganz einfach bei C&A. Jetzt zugreifen und online bestellen! Umweltbewusste Kleidung für die ganze Familie - wear the change! Jetzt bestellen. Modelle: Hosen und Jeans, Jacken, Umstandsmode, Unterwäsche, Röcke, Hemden und Blusen. Read More