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Stock fashion from Europe

F&P Stock Solution GmbH is one of the world leaders in selling branded stock clothing, shoes and accessories.

The company was founded in 2013 in Germany and has been growing rapidly since then to become one of the industry's key players. Today, F&P concludes stock wholesale deals in more than 40 countries around the globe. The head office and main logistics facilities are based in Berlin.

Are you looking for a reliable and responsible supplier?

Do you want to expand your product range with inexpensive high-quality branded goods?

Stock clothing wholesale is our specialization

We provide direct supplies of stock products from European and US manufacturers, as well as the largest retailers and e-commerce platforms in Europe.

Strong business ties, regular and volume purchases allow us to get quality products at a low price every day and all year round, including current season customer returns. We share these advantages with our customers: shops, wholesale stores and retail chains in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Benefit from our opportunities to the full!

Assortment and prices

We have high, mid and low price ranged products in stock. Guided by our customers demand, we build up our product range for the broadest audience.

We offer products by hundreds of brands – German, U.S., French, Italian, Swedish – from popular brands recognized and appreciated by customers around the globe to little-known trademarks, breaking the grounds in the fashion industry.

We offer wholesale stock clothing of various styles and categories: business, casual, designer, smart clothes or sportswear; we also have lots with outdoor clothes and underwear in stock. You are also welcome to check out our widest range of shoes.

Our products are 100% original branded items specially designed for the European consumer market.

Stock clothing and footwear are sold on large, medium and small bulk with up to 90% discount in respect to the recommended retail price.

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Quality and warranties

In accordance with the established industry standards, we classify our lots into categories A, B or C depending on such factors as: product’s intrinsic quality, packaging integrity, repairable/unrepairable defects. Goods are price-differentiated in accordance with their respective grades.

The clothes, shoes and accessories by "A" grade are indistinguishable from the goods commonly sold in regular retail stores and high-end boutiques.

More about the stock categories A, B, C and price formation.

All the clothing, footwear and accessories undergo a three-level check (Inbound / Outbound / Quality Check) aimed at either the validation or the reconsideration of the initially assigned grade. The first quality check is performed immediately after the goods’ reception, the final one - before the shipment. We provide detailed information on the lot’s composition by means of both photo and video materials.

In addition to that, the extensive terms of our warranty policy stand for the seriousness and reliability of F&P.

Ole Schneikart
Julius Göllner

Ole Schneikart, Julius Göllner

Our advantages


Thanks to more than 8000 m2 of our wholesale store, smartly optimized business processes for receiving, sorting, storing and shipping goods and technology-intensive distribution logistics we are able to quickly process huge volumes of incoming and outgoing pallets. Your order will be completed on time!


Tight quality control on our clothing lots and adherence to strong business ethics are our fundamental principles. Maybe, that is why wholesalers who have once purchased from us, return to F&P again and again. You may find more detailed information about our way to deal with customers.

Client orientation

F&P Stock Solution's well-behaved and experienced sales managers will help you to navigate throughout our product offerings and make the best possible choice based on your needs and expectations. Our managers speak English, German, French, Russian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Greek, Serbian/Croatian and Italian.


The purchase of clothing stock at very competitive prices goes hand in hand with the strict confidentiality terms prescribed in the agreements with our suppliers. As a German company, we cannot disclose neither our brand suppliers nor openly publish our price lists. These are the agreements that we adhere to.


- Attractive offers in fashion, shoes and accessories from current and previous seasons.

- Wide portfolio of well-known European consumer and sportswear brands.

- Different categories of quality for different retail concepts.

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Our customers can pay the invoices by Debit or Credit Card directly at our F&P Headquarters.

Let us grow your business together!

Selling stock clothes, shoes and accessories to retail customers is a quite profitable business in case you are purchasing them from a reliable supplier.

By closely cooperating with a solid company that values its reputation, you take off a significant amount of business risk.

Make good use of our capabilities, resources, and expertise to grow your business. We are interested in a mutually beneficial long-term partnership, and not in a one-time deal.

We appreciate your feedback. Please contact us via WhatsApp +49 160 99303237, JivoChat or email

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