Our Headquarters

F&P Stock Solution GmbH
C/O Ecom Logistik GmbH &Co.
Straße der Einheit 142-148
14612 Falkensee

Our sales team will be happy to help you


Head of Sales

Greece, UK, Ireland


Junior Sales Manager

Poland, Ukraine, Belarus


Sales Manager

Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania


Senior Sales Manager

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia


Sales Manager

Russia, Georgia


Sales Manager

Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia


Sales Manager

Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon

General info for our visitors

Please tell the reception staff that you are a guest of F&P. They will give us notice to send someone to pick you up. Besides, they will give you a visitor badge, which has to be signed by your contact person at F&P and returned to the reception when you leave.

There are plenty of parking slots in front of our location.

How to reach us by public transportation

The train station Seegefeld is located exactly in front of our building. It is served by the regional train lines RB10 and RB14 directed to Nauen, they run one time per hour each.

Berlin-Tegel Airport → Seegefeld

Bus X9 or Bus 109 to Jungfernheide, from there take the RB10 (Nauen)

Bus 109 to Charlottenburg, from there take the RB14 (Nauen)

Berlin-Schönefeld Airport → Seegefeld

RB14 (Nauen), direct connection without changes

S45 to Südkreuz, from there take the RB10 (Nauen)

Berlin Central Station → Seegefeld

RB14 (Nauen), direct connection without changes

RB10 (Nauen), direct connection without changes

Taxi in Berlin

+49 30 44 33 22 Taxi Funk Berlin
+49 30 26 10 26 Funk Taxi Berlin
+49 30 26 30 00 Quality Taxi

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