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We offer individual concepts for excess inventory liquidation and access to a global network of European wholesale clothing suppliers and retailers.

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We are a major world player in the sale of branded stock clothing, shoes and accessories. Our company was founded in 2013 in Germany and has been growing rapidly since then to become a leader in the B2B wholesale fashion and overstock industry. Today, we carry out regular deliveries of apparel and footwear liquidation pallets to outlets, e-commerce businesses and boutiques in 40+ countries around the globe. The head office and main logistics facilities are based in Berlin. The distribution of branded premium wholesale clothing stocks to outlet stores is our specialization.

We offer direct supplies of stock lots from renowned U.S. and European clothing manufacturers, as well as the largest offline retailers and e-commerce platforms in Europe.

A solid B2B network, as well as our large and regular purchase volumes, allow us to keep in assortment low-priced, quality products all year round. Our product mix of European wholesale clothing suppliers usually consists of customer returns from past and current seasons, closeout clothing items, liquidated apparel, and excess inventories. Our typical clients are outlet stores, wholesalers, high-end boutiques and retail chains in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. As wholesale fashion distributors, our offers include wholesale sportswear, European women’s clothing, and second-hand clothes and shoes. Our wholesale stock clothes are branded and durable.

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Thanks to the 10.000 square meters of our wholesale storage, smartly optimized business processes for the receiving, sorting, and shipping of outlet stock clothing goods, and technology-intensive distribution logistics, we are able to quickly process huge volumes of incoming and outgoing stock clothes pallets. Your order will be completed on time!


Tight quality control on our clothing stock lots and adherence to strong business ethics are the foundations of our company. This is the reason why we retain almost all of our first-time orders as regular customers. In addition, our stock clothes come from well-known manufacturers.

Client orientation

Our experienced stock clothes sales managers will help you to navigate throughout our wholesale clothing product offerings and make the best possible choice based on your needs and expectations. Among others, we speak English, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian and Italian.


The purchase of stock clothes and wholesale clothing pallets at very competitive prices goes hand in hand with the strict confidentiality terms prescribed in the agreements with our European wholesale stock clothing suppliers. We cannot disclose our brands or openly publish our price list as these are part of the agreements that we have to respect.

United for a More Sustainable Future

Sustainability and environmental preservation are among the central issues of our time. Mitigating climate change requires the commitment of everyone, but especially of companies.

At F&P Stock Solution, we are committed all the way to meeting this social responsibility through wholesale. That is why our B2B fashion wholesale business model is dedicated to tackling the difficult challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst conserving resources.

As stock clothing suppliers and in the interest of ensuring a circular economy, we give stock clothes, shoes, textiles and accessories a second life cycle and thus ensure greater sustainability and environmental protection along the entire value chain.

Product Assortment and Pricing

We have high, mid and low price ranged products, that are selected to meet the preferences of a broad audience.

We offer branded fashion stock clothing from Italy, Germany, the USA, France, among others. Our product portfolio features both top brands and grassroots fashion labels.

In our catalog, you can find wholesale stock clothing of various styles and categories: designer, business, casual, or sportswear. You are also welcome to check out our wide selection of shoes. The stock clothes prices are set per kilo or per item. The usual MOQ is 1 pallet (≈ 150 pairs of shoes / ≈ 250 kg of textiles).

Our textile product mixes consist of 100% original branded items designed for the European consumer market.

Our wholesale stock clothes and shoes are sold in large, medium and small bulks with up to 90% discount in respect to the recommended retail price.

Founders & Managing Directors Ole Schneikart & Julius Göllner

Quality assurance

In accordance with the established wholesale industry standards, we classify our lots of stock clothes into the categories A, B or C depending on such factors as: product quality, packaging integrity, repairable/unrepairable defects. The goods are price-differentiated on the basis of their respective outlet stock grades. As a distinguished stock clothing supplier from Europe, we highly emphasize the quality of our stock clothes and stock shoes.

The bulk stock clothes, shoes and accessories belonging to the “A” category are indistinguishable from the items commonly sold in the regular retail stores and high-end boutiques.

All the stock apparel, footwear and accessories undergo a three-level check (Inbound / Quality / Outbound) aimed at either the validation or the reconsideration of the initially assigned grade. The first quality check is performed immediately after the goods’ reception, the final one takes place before the shipment. We are happy to provide detailed information on the lots composition with the help of photo and video materials.

F&P Stock Solution has a strict quality control procedures on the outlet stock clothing process, which  stands for its professionality and reliability. 

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When you can rely on a good wholesale clothing supplier, the trade of textiles to retail customers is a quite profitable business.

By closely cooperating with a solid company that values its reputation, you significantly reduce your business risk.

We are interested in building a mutually beneficial long-term B2B outlet – fashion and brand – wholesale partnership with you. Take full advantage of our capabilities, resources, and expertise to boost your business.

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Fast loading and polite personeel, easy job for any driver who nows Little bit of english 👍
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05:40 27 Dec 19
I worked with F&P several times, always reliable. Good, varied product range, fast handling, taking care of everything that is needed. Perfect!
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05:42 22 Dec 19
The employees are friendly obliging and make sure that there are no issues and I get what I want.
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08:39 06 Dec 19
I am very happy with my delivery from F&P. Really amazing products at good prices. Great cooperation!