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4 reasons to have perfectly fitting sports shoes

by fnp

In case the running shoes let your foot float freely, you will hardly be able to complete the sports activity you were intending to perform. That’s the primary reason why a pair of shoes should be a good fit to the anatomy of your foot. The matching accuracy should not be sacrificed in favor of financial considerations. Especially the passionate sportsmen are keen on attributing the right value to the sports shoes, that are perfectly tailored to one’s own needs. There are many valid reasons to equip yourself with the right footwear even if you are doing sports just sporadically.

Hereby we would like to shed some light on the most crucial aspects:

1) Risk of injury

The magnitude of the risk to get injured due to improper footwear depends on the sports discipline of choice. For example, in squash, it is not uncommon to see that one can easily slip against the wall because of a poor grip on the ground. When it comes to soccer, good shoes make the difference between hitting an opponent or gaining ball possession.

Slipping down a hillside with loose rocks is a quite familiar situation to the mountain wanderers. A pair of solid hiking boots plays hereby a pivotal role: they preserve a perfect alignment between the ankle and the rest of the foot even in critical situations.

In case you were about to participate in a decathlon competition, which encompasses quite diverse sports disciplines at once, you would feel relieved when you do not have to worry about the footwear.

In the world of professional sports shoes can condemn an athlete to success or failure. Under unfavourable circumstances, they could even put an early end to an athlete’s career, as evidenced by the case of the ex NBA rising star Zion Williamson.

2) Wearing comfort

The practice of saving money on running shoes usually leads to the purchase of questionable footwear items. The underlying drawbacks can perhaps not be self-evident in the short term, but they will inevitably emerge with the passing of time. Too much leeway within the shoe involves the rapid appearance of unpleasant blisters. Cheap materials, which do not preserve their original shape after usage, let the foot constantly slipping back and forth, thus contributing to the progressive deterioration of the shoe.

In turn, good sport shoes rarely arouse animated discussions, since they just fulfil their function, as it should be. Those who go jogging on a regular basis know for sure how important a good shoe fit is.

As already noted above, the material plays a role of no secondary importance: it is much more pleasant to cover long tracks on asphalt if equipped with valuable soles. One needs rough cleats in order to keep a good grip off roads, particularly in case of rain. The soles of a badminton shoe have to be firm, but, at the same time, they should let enough margin of slack to the foot. Thus, one would be able to catch a critical ball at the last moment without slipping back and forth in his shoes with every movement.

3) Better performance

Since sports stand for rapidness and agility, the contribution of shoes to the overall performance has not to be underestimated. With a good shoe, you can gain precious tenths of a second for a sprint. Good shoes pay the most during a marathon. Especially in the last few kilometers, it is crucial whether the shoes keep the feet pain-free or not. Shoes are not of secondary importance even in the Formula 1: on the one hand, they have to stick well to the pedals, on the other hand, they have to be as light as possible in order to save weight.

4) Life period

The more attention you attribute to quality, the longer the shoes will last. Even tennis shoes can last a few years if they are made of well-sewn high-quality materials. Good football boots preserve the foot from the contact with rain and snow. If you ride a mountain bike through the forests, you will also appreciate sports shoes that hold on to the pedals and do not slip in case of rainfall. Ultimately, good sports shoes are an investment which repays itself over the course of time.