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Behind the scene – Head of Event

by fnp

What do we do the whole day? Have a look behind the scene!

Today – Head of Event (Fashion Flash)

Morning respectively forenoon: Planning the day, coordination in the team & processing time-critical ToDo’s:

Every day is different and there are always new challenges that have to be tackled together with the team – accordingly every week or in a shorter version every day begins with a get-together of the Fashion Flash Team in which each employee updates the areas / topics supervised by him / her are checked, the planning status of the upcoming event is checked, upcoming ToDo’s are recorded, prioritized and distributed and all further topics are discussed together.

 The rest of the morning I usually block myself to process the most important mails and ToDo’s. I am happy to answer questions from the team. As a final act before lunch, around noon, I visit our colleagues from the labeling and quality team to have a real-time look at the latest collections and merchandise and speak directly with people and get information for future decision-making because they have – together with our buyers – the best view of goods and quality. 

Lunch or afternoon: Lunch & consultation with stakeholders and interface functions:

Lunch is eaten together in the team – in good weather on the sunny terrace of the E-Com building. Then it’s time for a collective exercise therapy and fresh cell feed: the legendary F & P after-lunch table tennis rounds! 

In the afternoon, the weekly meetings will be held for discussions with the departments, project managers and external service providers involved in running the event business. One of these rolling meetings is, for example, the weekly Jour Fixe with the purchasing team, where the current inventory is checked, the purchasing planning for the upcoming events is discussed and current trends and seasonal highlights are discussed. 

Evening: recap of the day, planning for tomorrow and after-work activities 

Before I leave work, I recapitulate the day, preparing for the upcoming meetings or business trips of the next day and memorably note the fresh ideas and solutions that have been shot in the head over the day on Post-It’s. 

At the end of the working day, friends, cooks or, to be honest, far too rarely, a round of sports. Such a day as a head of event is quite diverse and tightly timed – one has to deal with an incredible number of people, makes many decisions and deals with various topics and stakeholders. But it‘s guaranteed never boring! 

(written by Georgious (Jorgo) Kotsougianis, Head of Event)