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Behind the scene – Merchandising

by fnp

What do we do the whole day? Have a look behind the scene!

Today – Merchandising

The merchandiser’s position is probably one of the most diversified  and most interesting at F&P.

Acting as a interface  between purchasing, sales, warehousing, accounting and content management, our work focusses on assessment of the needs of our sales team including the analysis, the management and the allocation of purchased goods for the various distribution channels such as B2B, Fashion Flash or online platforms. 

When analyzing large amounts of data, accuracy, speed and sometimes as well as a decent portion of creativity are essential. Our sales team relies on us to be fast and accurate in order to be able to successfully sell our products on a profitable basis.

But those who believe that our work is limited to just analysing Excel tables are clearly wrong. In order to classify articles and assess their sales potential, it is essential to get in touch with our products and to stay in permanent communication with the sales management and the management directors.

The speed and diversity of our work is by far the most exciting and sometimes also a littlbe bit frustrating thing that wholesale has to offer. Even greater is the  excitment and happiness, when commitment and passion are rewarded with satisfied customers and sales colleagues 

The decisive step to success is often only a dataset away. 

(written by Marcus Wolf, Merchandiser)