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Behind the scene – Sales Management

by fnp

What do we do the whole day? Have a look behind the scene!

Today – Sales Management

Checking the meeting scheduler, answering e-mails, 8 hours with your phone glued to your hand, checking your scheduler again and another 12 e-mails drops into you inbox! The day ends in a blink of an eye and you have to start with these tasks the next day – CRAAZY! But really if you’re an energetic person and you like when everything is moving around in a really fast pace, environment is changing all the time and you like this adrenaline rush this is a perfect position. 

At F&P we’re dealing with different customers on the daily basis: the old school ones, the fresh entrepreneurs and the digital masters and we have to be prepared with different products and different attitudes towards everyone. In F&P we have got a clear goal – taking over the world (for every sales manager it’s their own market, of course), so telephone calls, customer meetings in our showroom or business trips are our daily bread. The most important thing you have to remember is to please your customers. Delivering the correct product in the right time or giving them a flawless service is what we’re trying to do. In the end our colleagues think that we are sitting in front of our desks and talking in a foreign language on the phone, but usually this phone call it is going to help us set foot in another market.

 (written by Piotr Wolski, Sales Manager Poland)