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Behind the scenes – Content Management

by fnp

What do we do the whole day? Have a look behind the scenes!

Today: Content Management

The job of a Junior Content Manager is to make sure that the website, the online shop and the social media looks attractive. Not so much the text part, as the job title shows, but more the visual part.  

So to come to end-result, you have to think of concepts almost every day and do a lot of product photography in which you have to make sure the products are being photographed from their bestest side.

My mornings usually start in the photostudio and after spending some hours in there, I start editing the pictures and finally create a lookbook, newsletter, social media content or whatever the project is I am working on. so during and after the editing, I change from being a photographer to a graphic designer.  
besides doing plain product photography, I get to do some bigger fashion photoshoots. These photoshoots contain some more planning in advance and also (a lot of) help from my dear colleagues.

Although this job is far from the most difficult job or saving-lives-kind-of-job, it is for sure very rewarding and not ever boring.

(written by Karin Loopik, Junior Content Manager)