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Behind the scenes – Labelling

by fnp

What do we do the whole day? Have a look behinde the scene!

Today – Labelling

The field of work as Teammanger Labeling includes mainly the distribution of the goods between our various divisions and the correct processing of our purchased items. Upon arrival of the goods ordered by our buyers, they will be checked for quality as well as quantity. 

Once the goods have been checked, the entire delivery or just parts of it are distributed to the responsible workspaces, e.g. our Fashion Flash or B2B department.

Furthermore the goods are priced by the warehouse employees and sorted in categories and sizes. Afterwards, the goods are stored until they are retrieved.

Another important part of my job is to gather the data of the stock level of our assortment. Every day, I need to be aware of what and how much the warehouse is leaving, what has been sold, and what the current total stock is to ensure a smooth flow of purchases and sales. 

(written by Felix Nehrke, Teammanger Labelling)