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Brands, Customers and Mutual Trust!

by fnp

At F&P Stock-Solution we work directly with a wide network of fashion brands, retails stores and eCommerce platforms, and help them liquidate their inventory, deal with customer returns and defect goods. Our young, dynamic, and international team works every day, to create and develop effective solutions for overstocks and access inventory. 

We have 2 channels through which we sell the products we buy, an innovative B2C pop-up event in Germany, as well as a B2B channel mainly in Russia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. We are aware that brands are concerned about image and brand value. Therefore we explore our partner’s requirements and restrictions and ensure full control of our point of sales worldwide protecting our supplier’s brands. 

Our philosophy is to build up long lasting and trustworthy relationships and we welcome partners and customers to visit us at any time so they can get to know us, our business model and talk about the many ways we can collaborate, and why not, join us for a ping pong match?

In the buying department, we are constantly looking for new collaborations and for that reason, we visit partners at fashion trade shows and events like for example Berlin Premium, Panorama, and many others.

Our most recently attended event was the pre-release of PUMA x Outlaw Moscow by Overkill. The global release for this capsule collection took place on 14.07. and we had the honor to celebrate the launch at the event two days before. 

We love having direct contact with the brands and building trustworthy relationships. I am looking forward to many more. 

(written by Keiko Tanaka, Junior Buyer)