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F&P Stock Solution in Dubai – An exciting business trip

by fnp

Dubai, a city of superlatives and F&P Stock Solution right in the middle. As one of the leading wholesalers of textiles, shoes and accessories for overstocks and customer returns, the two Managing Directors Julius Göllner and Ole Schneikart are always interested in new sales markets. In mid-February, they had the opportunity to meet potential new business partners in Dubai. Together with the Head of Sales of the F&P, Konstantine Papageorgiou, and another Sales Manager, we went on a very exciting business trip. None of the four were already in Dubai before. Some preparations were therefore essential because Dubai is different than Falkensee. Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the Persian Gulf. The official state religion in the Emirates is Islam. As with any other journey to unknown countries, the four have studied the customs, culture and idiosyncrasies. Especially the way in which Emirates are doing business, is hardly comparable with our business world, especially the non-verbal communication plays a crucial role there.The people of Dubai are friendly, cosmopolitan and very helpful. Just like all potential business partners experienced. The way to talk about business, however, depends on the age of the opposite. The young entrepreneurs are already very straightforward and openly say what they want and expect. The situation is different with the older ones. Here, business communication is more on the non-verbal and closed level. But both have their charms“, says Kosta, Head of Sales at F&P Stock Solution.

It’s extremely interesting and a little bit strange. You arrived in the middle of a desert, into a city which was completely artificially created. Everything is super clean. You can see the properity of the city everywhere, and yet, you don’t see anyone on the street how wealthy they really are. All wear Abbaya (garment) and Kondura (headscarf). Only the really small things, such as embroidery or the license plate on the car can recognize the status of individual,” says Julius, Founder and CEO of F&P Stock Solution

We couldn’t really enjoy the much advertised nightlife in Dubai. Due to the many business appointments, we usually spent the whole day on the road and if we had some time, we looked at the sights of Dubai. The four days in Dubai went way too fast to get to know the country and its people, but despite the short time it was very impressive and we will certainly come back, hopefully to acquire more business partners. says Ole, also Founder and CEO of F&P Stock Solution.