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Head of Sales at F&P Stock Solution – Every day a new challenge!

by fnp

What does it mean to be Head of Sales at F&P Stock Solution?

F&P is one of the world’s leading companies in the overstock wholesale business. We value professional work, fast implementation of all daily tasks, sustainable customer relationships and high-quality products. Bringing this mixture into perfect harmony every day is a challenge for all our employees and works only through teamwork. The sales team plays a big part in this. Every day we take care of the sale of cheap overstock brands, cheap stock lots, liquidation overstocks or B-Stock in the textiles, shoes and accessories sectors. Ahead of everyone, our Head of Sales, Konstantine Papageorgiou – Kosta – , who is currently looking after a team of around 13 employees – and counting! The sales team of F&P not only includes the “Sales Agents”, but also our Merchandisers and Content Managers. The international team around Kosta takes care of the demanding F&P customers all over the world, like Russia, Poland, Ukraine, France, Spain or here in Germany. And the most diverse stocks from brand manufacturers, such as overstocks, slow sellers, liquidation stocks, B-Stocks (2nd choice stocks), overstock from business resolutions or overproductions in various quality levels.

Today we would like to give you a little look behind the scenes into the challenges that a Head of Sales at F&P has to master in this way. Kosta reports on his daily routine and the daily “madness” in the company headquarters in Falkensee.

Have a look behind the scenes of F&P Stock Solution – Head of Sales!

With the risk of sounding repetitive, I will also begin with the fact that not one day at F&P is the same.

The introduction of new products and offers on a weekly basis requires numerous meetings with different departments: buying, logistics and of course the sales team.

Should we buy this overstock? How will we price these stocklots? How will we sell these overstocks? What do our B2B costumers expect from our overstock items? Which brands are remaining in demand? These, and many more, are questions my team and I face very often.

When you think you have answered these questions however, that’s when the real fun begins, negotiations with customers!

Frustration – disappointment – excitement – complaints – offers – counter offers – closing a deal, a successful sales person goes through a lot of emotional ups and downs every day. Nothing a round of table tennis can’t fix though 🙂

My daily routine also involves optimising processes and structures in order to ensure we can deliver what we promise, setting goals and monitoring performance of the sales team and of course training. As I am in charge of the F&P Academy it is always a challenge to integrate young talent in the team and try to keep up with their energy, creativity and aspirations and make sure they get the most out of what is usually their first job.

The sales department is a very energetic department, with requests and questions coming in at a constant, sometimes machine gun rate. One has to be quick on his feet in order to provide solutions and make the right decisions that ensure client satisfaction and secure business deals, whilst of course protecting company interests. Keeping this balance and creating win-win situations for everyone is the most important aspect of my job.

Every day is a new challenge!