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New challenges await the new team member of F&P Stock Solution – Roman Trushanov (Junior SEO Manager)

by fnp

“In the rushing time of “digital first”, a holistic online presence has become the basic prerequisite for the vibrancy of almost every company type. The truthfulness of this statement applies in particular to the e-commerce industry. If you, as an entrepreneur, are given the necessary attention due to challenges such as a tempting graphical presentation of the website, the user-friendliness of the customer journey of the homepage, the product pages to the digital shopping cart or an individual approach to the clientele, you are already on the right track. However, before a potential customer can even access the company website, the appropriate framework conditions must be created. One point is particularly important: in the broad ocean of search results, the website in question, such as, should end up in the user’s list directly at number 1. To ensure that, there is the so-called SEO management, which is more important than ever in this day and age.

This includes, for example, a thorough keyword research that combines the specifics of the company with the necessary customer language in order to adapt the contents of the website, be it the idea of the team or the blog. 

If you are looking for concise keywords, you should get insights from different sources, and not rely on just one. The operation of the popular keyword research tools is an indispensable step here. In addition, such measures as monitoring competitors’ moves, visiting customer forums, tackling keyword recommendations in Google’s search box, etc., can be combined in a winning way to cover the widest variety of search queries. 

For example, managing an informative corporate blog is one of the best ways to present yourself as a competent business partner and at the same time strengthen your own rankings. The blog posts are primarily intended to provide detailed answers to the burning questions. 

Just like in real life, the personal recommendations from customer to customer drive the sales, the online referrals in the form of links from third party websites serve to reinforce the trustworthiness of the corporate website from the perspective of search engines. In addition, the technical aspects also play a significant role in the field of SEO optimization, including the speed of the website, the consistency of internal linking from one website area to another or the addition of additional information about the main content of the respective pages in the form of So-called “metadata” increase the visibility of the Internet presence significantly.

Last but not least, the way Google sorts and evaluates web pages in search results is constantly evolving so you do not get bored with it as an SEO manager.
That’s why I find the multidisciplinary nature of search engine optimization particularly exciting. Such skills as eloquence, a good understanding of statistical relationships, interest in Internet architecture, and not least common sense are essential in this area.

spent my early childhood in Moscow and then grew up bilingually in northern Italy. During high school, I especially loved the subject of history. After graduation I started my undergraduate studies in Economics at the University of Verona. Later I went to Germany for a further degree and took a master’s degree in “International Marketing” at the Technical University of Mittelhessen. My fateful canton Bern, the manageable casting, the former capital Bonn and the splendid Berlin belonged to my previous stations in the context of my erroneous route. Besides my love of European languages, cooking vegan dishes, playing chess and cycling are also my hobbies.

The entire team from F&P wishes Roman a perfect start and an exciting time!