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Sneakermesse – Sneakerness Zurich 2019

by fnp

Sneakerness Zurich – Our experience report

Many sneaker lovers waited already longingly for the weekend on 04.05.2019 until the sneakerness finally stopped again in Zurich. The Sneakerness is one of the biggest sneaker fairs in Europe and takes place regularly in different countries. Meanwhile the fair does not only take place in European countries like Zurich, Cologne, Paris and Amsterdam, but also visits South Africa or Russia.
This year the Sneakerness in Zurich again attracted numerous collectors, curious people and sneaker fans. Also our sneaker expert mingled with the audience and could lead many interesting discussions to rare sneakers and conversations with real connoisseurs from the sneaker area.

Even before the start of the fair, there was a long queue in front of the entrance and many sneaker lovers flocked to Hall 622.
When our sneaker expert entered the hall, he was amazed at the masses of sneakers and the number of diverse models. At the individual booths private sellers and dealers, rare sneakers up to very expensive Supreme articles were offered. 
Most of the exhibitors were resellers. Resellers are dealers who, for example, buy an Adidas Yeezy for 300€ and resell it a short time later on the net for up to 1000€, depending on the rarity. Another alternative for the resellers have become fairs to offer their limited sneakers to a large mass. 
In addition, there were a number of other cool booths. There was a barber, a tattoo artist and a sneaker cleaner on site to give the visitors a varied day. 

Our sneaker lovers were particularly fascinated by the way people met at the show. As a rule, two strangers look each other in the eye first, then you look at the clothes. Sneakerness is different, you first look at the shoes. Because what you wear is what you are measured by in the world of sneakers. It was noticeable that most of the visitors wore very unusual and exotic models that were often limited and cost several hundred Euros.

If we have aroused your interest in attending such an event in the future, please write it in the comments. We will give you a recommendation for the next event in your area.