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Vintage – old is fashionable

by fnp

Vintage – Old is fashionable again

At the end of the first week of June 2019 the Pop-Up Shop Launch Event took place at the Adidas Originals Store in Berlin. The Westend Vintage Store presented its collection of hot pieces from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Insights to the high-quality vintage articles can be found at Instagram under @westend_vintage.

The event was accompanied by the finest music by Jack Orsen and Adidas provided delicious drinks and snacks for their guests. Soft drinks were served by Fritz Cola and tasty sandwiches were provided by PIC NIC 34. As a sweet dessert the visitors could enjoy different kinds of Florida ice cream.

The focus, however, was not on catering, but on presenting vintage collections from earlier years. Many will certainly ask themselves why vintage is so trendy again. In the following we explain to you what vintage means, how the trend developed to vintage and how you can find vintage at F&P Stock Solution. 

What doesVintage mean?

We often hear and talk about vintage, but what do we mean when we say “vintage”? Vintage is often used to describe different items in different categories, different qualities, different ages, but what does vintage really mean? The word “vintage” was first used at the beginning of the 15th century. It was taken from the old French Vendage, the grape harvest. Whenever we talk about vintage wine, we talk about wine from a particular harvest or season. This word is used today not only in relation to wine, but also to describe other objects from the past such as clothes or furniture. So what does “vintage” mean outside the wine category? By vintage we usually mean an old item that has a certain nostalgic value and is of high quality. Vintage usually means something that is at least 20 years old, but not more than 100 years old, as it would then be classified as antique. The term “vintage” is commonly used to describe a product that is representative of the prevailing style of a particular era, not just an old product that falls within the above timelines.

Why are vintage clothes back in fashion?

Individual look

There are many reasons why Vintage has become popular. One of them is that consumers believe that mainstream fashion has become less unique and high street fashion is too general. So consumers long for an individual look that can be achieved with vintage clothes.

Timeless trend

In addition, there are many people who prefer individual and interesting vintage pieces and buy them as investments or unique pieces. Consumers are waking up to the fact that vintage clothes can be adapted to the latest trends and that they are also timeless classics that can become a must-have in any wardrobe. This is one of the main reasons why vintage has become so popular. You can pick up the latest trend and have something that’s only good for a few weeks, or you can buy something vintage that you can enjoy for years.

Expression and personality

One of the most important aspects to look stylish is originality. It tells a lot about you and your personality. Vintage clothing allows people to express themselves. Expressing your personality through clothing is not easy, but vintage clothing can do that.

Soul and history

Let’s be honest and admit that vintage clothes have a soul. There is much more to vintage clothing than just being old and used clothing. There is a history and art in them, and they are filled with the stories and memories of the people who came before us and wore them. Owning and wearing a vintage piece of clothing keeps these people and their history and craftsmanship alive. When everything is done, wearing vintage clothes means being wrapped in romance. What makes vintage clothing so popular is that it is simply so special.

Below are two typical Adidas vintage sweaters. If you like vintage, leave us a comment. We are happy about every opinion.

Vintage at F&P ?

Actually there is also Vintage Stock at F&P. For this our customers must turn to our Second Hand offer. Our Second-Hand goods captivate with a great variety: From rare vintage sneakers to exclusive luxury brands, everything is represented.

If you would like more information about our second-hand goods, please contact us. Our Sale Managers are available to answer any questions you may have.