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Where can you buy goods from customer returns?

by fnp

Of course from F&P Stock Solution GmbH!

But how do you define goods from customer returns actually? The term describes goods that were either ordered by the end customer and sent back to the seller unused. Or goods that has already been used (worn) and has found its way back to the seller for various reasons.

The F&P Stock Solution GmbH buys and sells goods from customer returns of big and famous brands. The stocks are divided into different categories and quality levels. F&P separates shoes, textiles and accessories in three to four different levels:

  • A-Quality: These are products that are new and original packaging. They have no defects or other faults.
  • B-Quality: These are goods with slight defects, such as pressure marks, light dirt or a non-functional zipper.
  • C-Quality: In this quality level, the goods have clearly visible damages, such as holes or a torn shoelaces.
  • D-Quality: These are products that can usually only be used as recycling material. These includes, for example, single shoes or unpairs.

The sorting and checking of the incoming shoes, textiles and accessories in the different quality levels takes place through the inbound check in the warehouse of F&P. This ensures that there are no mixes between the individual categories. The customers of F&P appreciate the professionalism, the good offers and the quality of the goods.

F&P Stock Solution buy its goods from customer returns from different suppliers from all around the world. In order to protect the brand names and customers, we stand great importance to discretion. In addition to goods from customer returns, F&P also buys and sells overstocks and liquidation goods, which passed through the same control process like the other goods.

F&P Stock Solution, one of the world’s leading wholesaler of shoes, textiles and accessories, is not to be missed when looking for available customer returns on well-known brands.