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White Sneaker for Women – Top 5 selection from F&P Stock Solution

by fnp

Finding the perfect pair of sneakers can be a daunting task for anyone, but the challenge becomes even more difficult when you are a woman. Many of the most popular sneakers are only available in men’s sizes, and a good number of sportswear brands still offer women pink, glittering shoes. Fortunately, some brands are catching up over time by offering sneakers that women will actually wear.

While there is no doubt that a black sneaker has its place in any outfit, a fine white sneaker is indispensable as an accent to the charisma of any woman. No matter what happens from the toes to the ankles, throwing on this new pair of white sneakers can make all the difference.

Our sneakers expert presents below a selection of 5 white sneakers for women. He refers not only to classic sports brands like Adidas and Nike, but also to luxury sneakers like Balenciaga.

GmbH x Asics Kayano

The GmbH recently presented its cooperation with ASICS’ Kayano, and we think the sneaker is incredibly good ! These 90s inspired sneakers, which were shown for the first time at the catwalk show of the GmbH at the Paris Fashion Week, are a really great couple. This pair from the collaboration has a thicker leather sole and GEL heel, mesh and synthetic upper, and it has some reflective accents. Definitely an eye-catcher on the road.

Nike Classic Cortez

The Nike classic Cortez is designed in a triple white color scheme and is a super street-ready all-rounder. The low-cut, smooth sneaker is perfect for a casual day and is exceptionally comfortable. Furthermore, a lot of attention has been paid to details, as the clean seam in the entire upper shows. You can’t go wrong with these sneakers.

Adidas originals Stan Smith

Stan Smith from adidas Originals brings it back to basics. This pair has received an update on a fine leather upper and a pure white premium design. As part of the Home of Classics collection, these detailed leather sneakers feature a triple white palette to enhance the smooth, minimalist lines. A must for every sneaker cabinet.

Nike Shox TL

Nike’s Shox TL is an amazingly beautiful shoe and fortunately this white colour is also available in women’s sizes. The low top sneaker comes with a clean rubberized cover paired with a red logo on the tongue, a distinctive Shox unit and super comfortable padding. An absolute must for every collector of first-class sneakers.

Balenciaga Track-Sneaker 

The latest track sneaker from Balenciaga has arrived just in time for the summer. This pure white nylon and mesh version has a multi-layered upper made of 176 pieces…. yes, you’ve read it right. The shoe does without leather in the entire design and has a metal net on the sides and an additional metal detail element on the inside surface.

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