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Who buys overstocks?

by fnp

F&P Stock Solution GmbH has around 6 years of experience in the wholesaling overstocks of shoes, clothing and accessories sold per kilo. Today F&P is one of the world’s leading wholesalers of outlet stock clothing. Overstock is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as “leftover from a larger items, an uncleared rest”. This definition actually pretty much describes the wholesale of stock clothes and shoe business model that F&P Stock Solution has. We buy stock clothes from Europe like customer returns, liquidation goods, pre-season goods and overstocks of big and fashion branded retailers selling them as stock clothes per kilo. F&P attaches great importance to long-term and trusting B2B wholesale partnerships, stock suppliers, and wholesale outlet customers. Constant control of incoming and outgoing goods guarantees F&P’s customers consistently good quality, something that is not found everywhere in the overstock and wholesale business model.

When F&P was founded, it was all about the question: “What happens to all the shoes, cloth and accessories that are not sold or come back via customer returns – the clothing overstock?” This is how Julius Göllner and Ole Schneikart, Founder and CEOs of F&P Stock Solution, set out to start a business that answers exactly this question. Today, F&P Stock Solution has around 50 employees, that come from 20 different nations. The team is young, professional, and keen on B2B wholesale clothing and fashion allocation. Customers, that are buying cloth and shoe stock from F&P Stock Solution, come from all over the world. Outlets, wholesalers and retail stores from Poland, France, Ukraine, Russia, the Baltics and many more other countries are among the customers who buy overstock shoes and stock clothing from famous fashion brands. The buyers are usually interested in high-quality goods, even if it comes from overstocks to be sold in wholesale stocks per kilo to outlets.

The term overstock, in times of a “tight, is right” mentality gets a negative connotation that isn’t deserved. The purchase and sales of wholesale overstock lead to a second lifecycle of the “ascertained” shoes and textiles. Giving a second lifecycle to the stock clothing products is a good way to reduce the production of new goods, which often ends also as overstock pallets. Anyone who buys and sells overstocks takes also care about the reduction of CO2 emission and reduces the water consumption that is needed in the production of new shoes and textiles – on a daily basis. The B2B wholesale customers of F&P Stock Solution buy overstocks individually, upon demand and continuously as liquidation pallets, stock clothing per kilo, or assigned purchased orders. The team is fast avid in B2B wholesale fashion branded and outlet clothing and extremely professional. A great mix to further expansion of this wholesale clothing and footwear business idea in the coming years as a very sustainable approach in the fashion industry.