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Behind the scene – Logistics (Head of Logistics)

by fnp

What do we do the whole day? Have a look behind the scene!

Today – Logistics (Head of Logistics)

It’s 7:30, switch on the lights in the and have my first stroll around the warehouse.

As a warehouse manager I have the complete F&P warehouse in my mind. In the wake of an arrival of new goods, I plan and prioritze the order with the responsible employees and distribute tasks.

In addition, I work closely with the merchandisers. After the new goods arrive in the warehouse, we plan together how the goods will be distributed into the individual business units.

The inventory of the complete product, which is available at F&P, is also part of my job as well as the support of the labeling team in planning and organization. In addition, I’m monitoring the goods output and coordinate the cdeliveries every week.

It’s never boring. In most cases, I don’t know what to expect in the morning and what challenges await me! But I have a great team with me, with whom I can master everything. That’s exactly what I like about my job!

(Written by Mauro Galluccio, Head of Logistics)