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Charity Fashion Flash Falkensee – Children’s shelter put projects with donations into reality!

by fnp

Review – Charity Fashion Flash on April 14, 2018 in Falkensee

F&P Stock Solution GmbH has been based in Falkensee since 2013. As one of the world’s leading wholesalers in overstock, overhang and liquidation goods, we buy and sell shoes and textiles worldwide. In addition to the wholesale business, the second pillar of F&P Stock Solution is the “Fashion Flash”. For two days, trendy locations throughout Germany are transformed into a shopping paradise for women. Thousands of top quality shoes from over 500 top brands at incredibly low prices, welcome sparkling wine, snacks in between, laid-back music and partners from the beauty and lifestyle sectors make shopping a real experience with “Fashion Flash”. In April 2018 we finally made the ladies in our hometown Falkensee happy with our outlet event and could do something good by the way. 

In January 2018, F&P came up with the idea of introducing the company in Falkensee and the surrounding area. With almost 50 employees, F&P Stock Solution is already one of the larger employers in the region. The Fashion Flash Event series quickly found a way to make people in Falkensee aware of us. As one of the big employers in Falkensee, we didn’t just want to present ourselves as a company, we wanted to use the event to help others who needed help. So we organized a Charity Fashion Flash together with the ASB Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, the TSV Falkensee and many others in the Stadthalle Falkensee. The goal was to financially support the children’s shelter and the social-pedagogical family assistance in Falkensee (First Charity Fashion Flash in Falkensee). 

The Charity Fashion Flash was a great success and F&P was glad to handed over a donation of 2,926 Euros to the ASB on May 16, 2018. (Donation for Children’s Shelter)

With the donation from F&P, the children were able to realize many projects!

A weekend at the Baltic Sea, a day trip to the “Tropical Island” or even a whole weekend escape from daily routine and experience canoeing or other adventures together. For recreational activities such as travel or educational trips the public funds are barely sufficient. These are usually used for livelihood or general educational work. We are all the more pleased that F&P Stock Solution has been able to do so much. In addition to the travels, the children were able to enhance the garden in the children’s shelter. For example, wooden walls were erected and painted creatively, hedges were planted and the “self-construction space” project started, a kind of “do it yourself” corner for the children. 

Such activities strengthen the sense of community and home-based feeling. Only where children feel comfortable they can develop well. 

(Thomas Girnth, Director of Children’s shelter) 

Some of the children from the children’s shelter actively supported us at the event. It was great to see what this triggered in the teens.

“They also experienced self-efficacy here in a large public setting. For the participating children, it was an event that had a very lasting memory. “

(Thomas Girnth, Director of Children’s shelter)

Every single person who bought some shoes or textiles at the Charity Fashion Flash has contributed to the realization of the children’s great projects and to their success. 

Once again, F&P would like to thank everyone involved: ASB, the logistics company RTC Spedition und Logistik, the city of Falkensee, the sports club TSV Falkensee, the local media and last but not least our F&P team. 

We will probably make another Charity Fashion Flash in Falkensee in the spring of 2019 and are looking forward to it!