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Charity Fashion Flash helps Children in Need

by fnp

We like to do something good! We wanna help! Help people with our fantastic Outlet Event Fashion Flash! 

This time we like to support the Organisation “SOS Kinder- und Jugendhilfe” in Göppingen. We made great expierence with our first Charity Fashion Flash in Falkensee, where we collected a lot of money for the childrens shelter there. This is the reason we want to continue our engagement in helping them who need it the most. 

We want to thank the city Göppingen for a great premiere in November 2017. Therefore, we decided to support the SOS Children and Youth Aid in the city with a donation in kind within the framework of our new project Charity Fashion Flash


The SOS Child and Youth Welfare Service Göppingen includes a broad, integrated offer, which supports families in difficult life situations. As a contact point for families, children and adolescents, SOS Children and Youth Services plays an important role in society.

Therefore we like to donate 25 Kids Fashion Bags with textiles to the SOS Children and Youth Aid in Göppingen with total value of 1.500 Euro. Every bag includes a T-Shirt and one pants made of 100 percent cotton. 


Wir glauben an unsere Rolle als Unternehmen, das sich für das Gemeinwohl einsetzt und möchten daher unsere Aktivitäten zur Unterstützung von sozialen und lokalen Organisationen in Zukunft verstärken.