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Economy for the Common Good – A matter of heart!

by fnp

Since 1990s there have been different and alternative conceptual ideas and economy models for the free enterprise system. This includes the economy for the common good, which we are dealing with for around sixth month now. Our aim is to make a company’s common good balance sheet.

The economy for common good is oriented, unlike the free enterprise system, to the common good, cooperation and community. That’s including human dignity, solidarity, environmental sustainability, social fairness and democratic participation.

Creating the common good balance sheet is rather a matter of heart, because the economic result of the company isn’t the sole important issue for us.

“As a company and an entrepreneurial ship we have the response and a platform which we want to use not only for following capitalism aims and values.”

The contribution to the common good is assessed and scored through the Common Good Matrix. It allows a systematic examination of all activities and really focuses on the essentials:

  • What impact are economic activities having on the general quality of life, today and for future generations?
  • What attention is being paid to human dignity?
  • Is social justice being promoted?
  • Is environmental sustainability assured?
  • Are business goals achieved democratically and through cooperation? How transparent is the process?

Points are only awarded for such activities, which go beyond the fulfilment of the legal minimum standard.

“It’s a new experience for us and in some cases some points had to be rethought in the company. We are so exited for more workshops, new ideas of economy for the common good and a lot of new developments in F&P.”

Christian Felber, a militant and author from Austria, explained the concept of the economy for the common good in detail:

Look and Listen to Christian Felber “Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie” an der Uni Trier