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“Fashion Flash” – a Success Story on Instagram Business

by fnp

Our Fashion Flash Social Media Activities have been published as a sucess story on Instagram Business!

Instagram is, without doubt, one of the largest social media sharing platforms for photos and videos with over a billion active users. Stars such as Selena Gomez or Christiano Ronaldo use the online platform extensively for their presentation in public. Meanwhile, the social media appearance is also a big part of the corporate marketing mix like its own website or a spot on television. F&P is one of the world’s leading wholesalers in overstock shoes and overstock textiles, taking professionally and reliably care for customer returns, overhangs, overstocks, B-Stock and liquidation goods. But F&P has not only been successful since 2013 in the B2B business. We furthermore created an unique Pop-Up Outlet Event called “Fashion Flash”, like there is no other in Germany, wich serves as the second pillar of the company. Within a few hours, we transform well-known event locations throughout Germany into a fashion shopping paradise for women. As a special pop-up outlet, we bring an unique shopping flair to previously empty halls for two days. Thousands of shoes from over 500 top brands at incredibly low prices in a top quality, champagne at the reception, candy and sweets, music in the background and partners from beauty and lifestyle brands make shopping at the “Fashion Flash” event series an unique experience. 

The realisation and the success of such a complex event format relies on a strong team with a wide range of interdisciplinary expertise. The success story about our Social Media marketing activities is the result of the outstanding work by our marketing department, which gives us a clear signal that we are on the right track with our work.

How do we become an Instagram Success Story?

In the beginning there is an idea and the question of how to put it into reality? Even F&P’s Fashion Flash pop up event series was “just” an idea in the beginning: How can we sell overstock items (shoes and textiles) without staining brands images and retailers? With the first pop up sale in Chemnitz in April 2013, F&P launched its success story “Fashion Flash”. The idea was to reach as many potential customers as possible interested in overstock fashion (shoes and textiles), top brands, quality and different purchasing experience? After gaining first experiences with Facebook and other social media channels as marketing platforms, the question came up: Why arn’t we using Instagram? So we start researching what other companies did well and what not regarding their Instagram marketing activities, compared best practices and spent many hours creating creative and relevant content for our profile. We started our intense focus on Instagram as an additional marketing channel about half a year ago. In order to understand the campaign formats, their impact on potential customers and the best strategy for our clients and target group, we went through the natural principle of trial and error. In this period our marketing department developed a variety of strategies, campaigns, designs and new ideas and event formats, such as our “Fashion Flash – Summer Vibes” event in Düsseldorf, to boost our relevance and to offer our clients over time something special and 

We are proud to be an Instagram Success Story!

We are very proud to announce that our “Fashion Flash” social media marketing activities have been published at the global Instagram Business site as a “Success Story” and serve now as a best practice for other companies and advertisers regarding the use of Instagram Story multi-phase campaign strategies and video ads. A big thank you goes out to our online marketing team around Eugen for the great work!” 

(Jorgo, Head of Event)