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First Common Good Balance Sheet of F&P Stock Solution GmbH

by fnp

F&P Stock Solution GmbH – first company with Common Good Balance Sheet (ECG) in Falkensee

Increasing the common good as the target of a company sounds like the beginning of a beautiful fairy tale. But the global political developments of recent years show that this topic is more relevant than ever. Since the 1990s, there are alternative concepts and economic models for the free market economy, one of them is the economy of common good. Unlike the free market economy, the economy of common good is oriented primarily to the common good, cooperation and the community. Topics include human dignity, solidarity, environmental sustainability, social justice and democratic participation.

The compilation of a Common Good Balance Sheet systematically considers all activities related to the common good and sharpens the eye for the essentials.

  • What impact do economic activities have on the overall quality of life, today and tomorrow?
  • Is human dignity respected?
  • Is social justice promoted?
  • Is environmental sustainability ensured?
  • How transparent, solidary and democratic are entrepreneurial aims achieved?

A matter of the heart for the two Founders and Managing Directors of F&P Stock Solution GmbH, Julius Göllner and Ole Schneikart: “As a company and entrepreneur, we have a responsibility and a platform that we can and want to use to not exclusively pursue capitalist aims and values . “

Both are committed to social projects not only in their own company. Both are all the happier, that last year, with the implementation of the Common Good Balance Sheet, F&P became the first company in Falkensee with such a certification.