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F&P China Business – Everything is possible!

by fnp

Fast & Professional China Business – A more optimal solution doesn’t exist!

How long it takes for shipping a package to China?  
45 days by sea, 30 days by train, 15 days by F&P. If lucky, only 5 days. 

What if a Chinese end customer wants to buy a cool German backpack as a gift for his friend?

Option A: call his friend in Germany; 
Option B: come to Germany; 
Option C: open his phone and order from F&P.

F&P entered China market from B2B trading sales in 2016, after 2 years deep exploring, F&P opened their own B2C online shop in China. Based on, which is one of the top oversea brand focused E-Commerce platforms in China, the shop sell not only international brands, but also the European local brands such as Paul’s Boutique, Ucon Acrobatics. 

Consisted of 12 staff across Berlin and China, the shop service data is quite impressive: 12 hours/7days online customer service, respond speed less than 35seconds, shipping speed from Berlin to China end customer averagely 12 days, cancellation rate less than 5%.

China might sounds too big to reach, but if you try the market with right team, is easy and controllable. said by the China based operational manager, Yang, who has more than 8 years experiences in China online market. 

The beauty of China market is that you never know what will happen, is like a Christmas box, we once sold 200 pairs of shoes in 10mins for a campaign, and that was just our 3rd month when we opened the shop. said by the Berlin based project manager, Sirius Yin. 

Is not just about the bag, is about the unique experiences, the package was really shipping Germany to my home, and is by airplane, I never know that ordering from Germany is so fast, very cool experiences!!! copied from shop comment which has the most likes (72 likes)

Written by Sirius Yin (Sales Manager China)