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Meet Ahmed, our new Sales Manager

by fnp

For the time being, Eastern Europe represents a gold mine in terms of sale figures for the wholesale stock clothing industry. However, there are many other emerging markets that deserve attention. After a long search for an experienced and competent Sales Manager for the Arab world, we are happy to welcome Ahmed aboard!

About me

I would define myself as primarily a quiet person. Out of this reason I prefer to spend my spare time fishing and cooking, with the constant intention of finding the missing piece of the puzzle in every aspect of my life.

I moved to Berlin at the end of 2015. In the beginning, I took some German language classes, and, in this regard, I have to confess that it is a pretty tough language to learn!

Before this, I spent 7 years in Malaysia working in the sourcing & import/export departments for the Southeast Asian markets.

Why F&P?

My willingness to join F&P is dated back to 2017. As soon as I discovered the company’s existence, I felt immediately fascinated by its business concept. Furthermore, the fashion industry has always been one of the industries I wanted to dig in the most and now here I am, working as a Sales Manager for North Africa and the Middle East.

Becoming part of F&P was a big priority of mine and I hope to be able to contribute to its future growth and success.