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Meet Marina, our new Content Manager at F&P

by fnp

As we know, a picture says more than a thousand words. Although our sales managers do a wonderful job in praising our high-quality wholesale clothing assortment, the gift of the gab alone does not generate solid revenue. For this very reason, our new content manager Marina makes sure to display our products in the most enticing and endearing way. Providing our sales team with high-resolution product pictures is only one of her many responsibilities. Other tasks include the creation of portraits for the blog posts about our new team members, as well as the composition of photo collages and other marketing materials. Hailing from Argentina, Marina fits in perfectly with the multicultural environment cherished by F&P. We are very happy to welcome her aboard!

About me

Hello, my name is Marina and I come from Buenos Aires.

Even though I obtained my university degree in graphic design, photography is the area in which I am interested the most, as it is reflected by the working experiences I have collected so far.

Throughout the years I have been able to dedicate myself to different interests and passions, without focusing on only one thing. My intellectual curiosity brought me to acquire a mix of skills, which helped me to develop myself professionally. Besides the classic wedding photography, I have already taken over the responsibility for a whole team in the early stage of my career.

Why F&P?

After having considered such an idea for a few years, in 2018 I decided to begin a long journey around the globe. After having rambled for an entire year between generic jobs in different countries, I felt the need to nourish my creative side. This is exactly the reason why I chose Berlin.

Although I am not much into big city life, I knew that it was the best place to fulfill my aspirations, and I was not wrong. Settling down was not easy, however, everything went right in a reasonably short timeframe. At F&P I found one of the nicest teams I have ever met. Here I can profit from the opportunity to grow professionally in a friendly environment.