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Meet Saumya, our new Sales Trainee at F&P

by fnp

F&P academy is a training program oriented towards students from all over the world who are willing to pursue a career in sales. The ideal candidate should possess such personal traits as being proactive, intellectually curious, imaginative, well-mannered and persistent. During a journey lasting six months, the trainees acquire the necessary set of skills to be capable to seal deals with clients independently. After the initial schoolings on general sales skills and our internal business processes, the aspirant salespeople are thrown into the cold water. Learning by doing is the best way to achieve self-empowerment!

We are happy that Saumya joined our team together with a few fellow interns. We wish them all the best on their exciting learning path!

“Hello, I am Saumya Kasat and I was born and raised in India, and I come from a business background family. My parents run a textile company. They started with selling traditional Indian women textiles online. Nowadays they deal with a broad product range, including stock clothing.

Over the years I have witnessed how the business evolved from being present only in the online landscape to launching several brick and mortar shops. The sense of excitement which springs from experiencing something unexpected every day, coupled with the thrilling hustle of an entrepreneur’s life, made me develop a keen interest in entrepreneurship from a very early age.

That’s the reason why I decided to study Business Administration. Since childhood, I have been taking every opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally. In 2018 I moved to Hungary for a one-year internship. My area of responsibility was about to taking care of networking and management for a student organization. This working experience abroad helped me to become more independent. Besides, I started to appreciate the value of small things even more than before.

I was always interested in movies based on entrepreneurs’ biographies. One of my favorites remains “The Social Network”, which shows that age is never a barrier if you are brave enough to go all the way to transform your vision into reality.

Another film of this kind that particularly impressed me is “Guru”, a Bollywood movie based on India’s biggest company. It tells the story of a simple Indian boy born in a slum, who after have been employed in different jobs, starts his own business and eventually makes it one of the top 10 businesses worldwide. Since you can’t turn your business idea into life without having at least some minimal presentation skills, the spirit of the F&P academy goes hand in hand with my personal aspirations.

Considering that the F&P Academy aims to train external sales agents, who are supposed to operate from their respective home countries after having completed the training, I felt that this was the right opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to kickstart my career. I did not think twice before applying and it turned out that it has been one of my best decisions ever.

I particularly appreciate the fact that our supervisors are constantly pushing us to go off the beaten path. Besides, the team leaders are always open to new ideas and they also strive to provide the necessary means to realize them. This renders the company authentically dynamic and young.

The perspective of being in charge of the unpredictable Indian market made me feel excited and worried at the same time. However, I must say that moving to Berlin encourages you to leave the comfort zone. Berlin is more of an emotion rather than a city. Its beauty lies in how diverse it is as you can find all the cultures represented here. One could safely assert that no matter who you are or where you come from, Berlin is a place you’ll fall in love with!”