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Project management at F&P Stock Solution – Have a look behind the scenes at Fashion Flash (Designer Outlet) by F&P!

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Project Management at F&P Stock Solution – Have a look behind the scenes at Fashion Flash (Designer Outlet) by F&P!

F&P Stock Solution GmbH is one of the world’s leading suppliers (wholesale clothing, wholesale shoes) for overstock and remaining stock sales. We take care of overstock clearance, liquidation, customer returns and remaining inventory from top level brands. We work fast, professional, sustainable, holistic and silent. We sell our products via two sales channels: B2B (wholesale pallets) and B2C (end customers) via our event series “Fashion Flash”. Our Fashion Flash is a big popup outlet event (Designer Outlet), where we turn top level locations all over Germany into an extraordinary fashion outlet (cheap name brand shoes, textiles and accessories) for women in just two days. Champagne at the reception, something sweet for in between, partners for beauty and lifestyle, in the background some music, all of this makes shopping at Fashion Flash an experience for the ladies. We combine the advantages of Outlet Online Shopping with those of “real” shopping, making the event unique. It’s not only a closeout, it’s a Designer Outlet Store for fashionistas. We need a lot of know-how as well as motivated and dedicated project managers to implement all the Fashion Flash events that F&P Stock Solution holds out each year. Viktoria, a project manager at F&P Stock Solution and responsible for Fashion Flash (Designer Outlet), tells us exclusively something about her job.

Learn something about Viktoria, Project Manager at our Outlet Event:

I am Viktoria and since February 2017 I am the project manager at F&P Stock Solution for the event series “Fashion Flash” (Designer Outlet). I was born in Russia and came to Germany with my parents when I was a teen. Before I started at F&P Stock Solution and Fashion Flash, I worked as a project manager in Berlin.

What does a Project Manager for Fashion Flash at F&P Stock Solution do?

I take care of the entire planning and implementation of the outlet events at Fashion Flash. For this I search for suitable and interesting locations, which fits to the unique brand outlet event of F&P. Once the right location has been found, room planning continues, because Fashion Flash isn’t just a “closeout market”, but lives on the atmosphere and the huge selection of brands, models and styles. This makes the Fashion Flash from F&P Stock Solution a special brand outlet. In order to draw as many potential customers as possible to the outlet event, we need as many marketing channels as possible. This means that I contact the local media, such as daily newspapers, radio stations and/or special websites for events throughout Germany (websites for brand outlet, fashion outlet, designer outlet, trade fairs, etc.) or fashion blogs for introducing our fashion flash personally. In most cases, the people are thrilled by the concept of fashion flash. Of course, official permits, planning of personnel deployment and the entire logistics are also part of the implementation of fashion flash (Designer Outlets). The team of F&P Stock Solution, which made out the event on the day of the event, is local staff and takes care of a thousand TODo’s, such as the constant filling of cheap name brand shoes, textiles and accessories; the pouring of the champagne and the well-being of the customers. On the day of the Fashion Flash itself, I coordinate the team and even introduce myself to the cashier or the reception. At the end of an exhausting, but usually also successful Fashion Flash weekend, everything has to be “rebuild”, which means that I keep everything in mind, so that we not only leave the customers of our Outlet Event satisfied, but also the manager from the locations. Back at the headquarters of F&P Stock Solution in Falkensee, the remaining shoes and textiles have to be unloaded, checked and repackaged. Once again, I contact the press to encourage coverage of the Fashion Flash that has taken place. We want to stay in mind! The organization and implementation of such an outlet event, like our Fashion Flash, requires a lot of structured work, good planning and a good team behind it. There are always a lot of challenges to master. F&P Stock Solution runs more than 40 fashion flashes every year, and every outlet event is different.

Working at F&P Stock Solution is …:

“I love the overall package that Fashion Flash brings with it: the paperwork, traveling around, the team spirit and the little adrenalin rush before a Fashion Flash starts – when the gates are opened and the ladies swarm into our halls. I like to come to the office and enjoy the casual, but also professional working atmosphere. Everyone at F&P Stock Solution helps everyone and has fun at work. Fashion Flash is not just a closeout market, but a special outlet event that makes women happy. The concept of F&P Stock Solution is unique and leading this project is a lot of fun. The short and uncomplicated communication channels at F&P allow us to master almost all challenges.”

(written by Viktoria Eder, Project Manager)