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Reebok Alien Stomper Bishop Edition X Overkill

by fnp

Reebok Alien Stomper Bishop Edition “40th Anniversary”

The Reebok Classic “Alien Stomper” is officially available in a few selected stores, unfortunately sold out everywhere! On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the first edition of the Alian saga called “Aliens-Die Rückkehr” (Alians the return) Reebok has launched a special edition of the Mid-Top Alien Stomper. This sneaker was worn by the film character Lance Bishop, an Android who served as a technician on the spaceship, during the unforgettable movie of the same name. Reebok wants to give the lover of a Hollywood classic from the ’80s the opportunity to relive the mass phenomenon of that time thanks to a limited edition.

The brand new Alien Stomper is a revised version of the 1986 classic silhouette. The special edition features a fascinating leather construction with a cream-coloured leather upper. The shoe owes his vintage look to its arch, which is complemented by the grey suede at the heel and the strap with the easily recognisable red details that are. The Reebok design team has gone to great lengths to refresh the packaging, as distinctive as the sneaker itself. The triangular box, adorned with a Union Jack pattern and some commemorative forms, deserves a special mention.

In order to test the sneaker one day before the official release, the navigation of our @Sneakerfalke  set off for Berlin to the Toni cinema. However, this was not as easy as expected, as only selected winners from a competition via Facebook were allowed to participate. Fortunately, our sneaker expert was drawn by lot and was allowed to test the sneaker. The winners met in the old Berlin cinema Toni, which was rented by Overkill for the release party. 

Many sneaker lovers gathered for a cosy meeting and were warmly welcomed with popcorn, soft drinks and sparkling wine. But the most loyal fans felt much more attracted by Overkill’s special offer. This is a unique final battle package consisting of the following elements: Comic,Pin-Set and, last but not least, a magnificent alien poster. As a souvenir of the beautiful evening, one could immortalize oneself on the photo wall of Overkill’s professional photographer.


Comfort: Even if the Velcro fasteners do not directly influence the fit, they contribute to improved user friendliness.

Design: An interesting design model that can quickly be defined as a lover’s object on the street. We think the combination of retro and future is a beautiful one and of course we would wear the sneaker ourselves.

Price: If you consider that this sneaker is not a special technology wonder, the respective price seems to be a bit high. The shoe was mainly designed for alien lovers. In a sense the Alien Stomper has some similarities with the legendary Air Max from the film saga “Back to the Future”. Accordingly, it’s the emotional value that makes the price so special.